Happiest Day Of My Life!!!

yo minna-san

Saturday 17th July 2010 was my Happiest Day til now cos it begins like this:

in the afternoon me and my friend went into the town and i’ve finally got my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle volume 1 and when i saw there were half priced things i went to see if there weren’r mangas that were half priced >_< and guess what the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle volume 10 was half priced it was also the only TRC manga there was left in the store  and i thought maybe i could get XXXHolic volume 1 too but it wasn’t there only 8, 9, 11 and 12 so i didn’t buy it. so that day i’ve bought 2 mangas for 11€ (about 14$)

Left: TRC vol.1, Right: TRC vol.10

well though it’s kinda bit weird to buy TRC vol.1 and 10 cos you don’t have vol.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, but i think when you buy that manga now it’s cheaper than the original price

after i get home my mom and dad gave me those old (2003-2004) magazines about Japan (Manga, Anime, Drama, Music and Cosplay). there were 10 magazines and i was soo happy that it made my day >_< check this out!!!

although i later found out we had 2 the same magazine so my bro took that extra one >_<

ooh and yesterday my laptop was soo slow that i decided to watch a Movie “Nausicaa the Valley of the Wind” from Hayao Miyazaki and i found it was pretty but i wanted a bit romance in it T.T like that Nausicaa and Asbel were a couple well yeah we can’t have everything right?

and about Anime i’ve finished Durarara!! and Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan >_<

Durarara!! was nice i hope there is a sequel

for the people who doesn’t know what to do i really recommend you to watch it it’s very good >_<

and as for Hakuouki it’s good and it has a sequel that begins around the Autumn this year

in the first season they’ve got all Kimono’s and in the preview of the second they’ll start to wear western clothes. well this anime reminds me of Vampire Knight: the Chizuru (the girl) found out she’s a pure-Blooded oni (demon) and Yuuki from VK also found out she’s a Pure-Blooded Vampire and those 2 are are surrounded by Bishounens and they all want the girl’s blood.

well that’s it for now ^_^

Mata Ne~


4 thoughts on “Happiest Day Of My Life!!!

  1. Victory – you got a lot of stuff 😀

    Naussica was alright but I love Howl the best
    It has magic and romance ❤
    Plus Howl is so cute!

    I've only seen the first episode of Hakuouki but it was very pleasing on the eyes :3
    I'm hoping one day it gets licensed here in the US so I can buy it and watch it happily on my tv ~ (that's the only way to get me to watch an anime to completion xD)
    Until then, I'll just settle for the manga ~

    • i know and that in ONE day i never imagined it >_<

      Yeah nausicaa is good BUT Howl's Moving Castle is still my Fav Movie 😀
      uhu i agree Howl's very very very Kawaii =3

      lol i love Bishies so i watched it 😀
      i hope for you that it will be licensed in the States so you can watch those Bishies fighting but i can't wait for more cos i think there's a season 2 cos after the end there was a preview of them in western clothes KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ i'm such a Fangirl =3

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