Recent pics

yo minna-san

yesterday we had dinner at my parents’ friends house and i was bored so i decided to draw something

and guess what… now i’m in my Otomen-mode so you’ll know what i drew

here’s the real version

and here’s my version

well i personal think my Asuka Masamune kinda looks weird and Juta Tachibana’s face is a bit round, but for the rest i think it’s good =3

well my fav character in Otomen is Tachibana cos he’s funny and stuff >_<

ooh yeah and before i drew this i drew an other thing just freely

it was like this

it’s just a bishounen i really don’t know why i drew this but yeah i was kinda bored XD

well i guess this was it for a bit

ooh yeah

recently my friend also started a blog on wordpress it’s called “JRockVision”

i’m just promoting him for more visitors and if you like Visual Kei, J-Rock and stuff you should go to his blog

to find his blog you can just click on your right side of this blog and scroll to Blogroll. there you’ll find JRockVision’s Blog or simply just type in

ok that’s it soo BaiiBaii


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