yo minna-san

today i’ve bought the First 3 mangas of Otomen in french

ooh yeah i recently received a mail that my english manga (Tsubasa Chronicle 1) has arrived

yay after 2 months of waiting

and i’ve been babysitting my bro’s for 4 days and earned money :d

so today i’ve bought a t-shirt it’s a black one with a big heart >_<

and later we’ve eaten Chinese Buffet

it looks like this

my second plate

look i made a face XD

dessert >_<

ooh so few days ago everyone ( my webfriends ok it sounds a bit weird but who cares :p ) loves SuJu’s new MV “No Other” me too i love it

so here’s my most recent Fav Uta: Super Junior with No Other

(>^_^)> til next time Fa


6 thoughts on “Otomen!!!

  1. uhu there’s a drama of it
    for more information look in the other post (so click on otomen in the tags
    then click on “Otomen >.<"
    there's the cast of the main rolls

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