3 for 10!!!

yo minna-san

today i’ve bought 3 french mangas for 10 € (that’s around the 12.54$) those were

Shibariya Komachi volume 1 & 2 from Takeuchi Mick

and Taiyou Made 3 m Volume 1 from Shigematsu Takako

ooh and today the annualy “Tour De France” had pass our house ^_^

we waited from 10:30 AM and finally they arrived after 2 hrs and 30 minutes

these are the pics

and more but i don’t feel to DL them (i’m lazy XD)

so that’s what today happened >_<

so byebye


3 thoughts on “3 for 10!!!

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  2. Oh that’s Bound Beauty in the US 8D
    I was interested in collecting the series but the English publisher went out of business so unless someone rescues these titles, we’ll never see the end Dx

    Taiyou Made 3 m!
    I have #2 in Japanese
    I have no idea what’s going on though – xD

    • uhu that’s Bound Beauty ^_^
      ohoh no PLEASE save these titles cos it’s a great manga T.T

      well it’s about a girl that had a car accident and had lost her brother ( a basketball player).
      so to make her brother’s wish come true she became the manager of the Basketball team in her school
      well something about that XD

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