It iiis Suuuuuummer~

yo minna-san

yes indeed it is summer

and yesterday the drama’s had finally arrived ^_^

now i’m watching Personal Taste starring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin

right now i finished episode 3 of the 16

phuuuuuuu~ and my laptop is still the same as i told you people in my previous post

ooh and i’ve received my results of the exams and maaaaan i hate chemistry. that man gave me a 49 for chemistry T.T

ooh and today i’ve bought a book for exersising my japanese πŸ˜€

ooh yeah and as you can see i’ve changed my layout into a summer-look

well i guess that’s it >_<

γ•γ‚ˆγ†γͺら みんγͺーさん!!!


3 thoughts on “It iiis Suuuuuummer~

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  2. While I love summer means no school, it’s so hot I end up spending most of the day inside Dx
    Maybe that would explain why I made my blog layout so winter-y!

    Ah the flowers in your background remind me of the hibiscuses in Hawaii ~

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