In the End…

yo Minna-san

it’s been awhile

why? the answer is EXAMS >_<

so now i’ve got time ^_^

so what happened when i last posted something til now:

well my pc (laptop) is really hopeless: it sometimes doesn’t want to recharge anymore, i can’t open my MSN and i can’t save the works (MangaList) in Microsoft Word T_T

it were exams: there were 11 of them, 2 were oral exams (Dutch and French) and the others (math, chemistry, English, history, German, physics, biology, geography and Latin) were… you know πŸ˜€ every exam i studied from 3PM – 4PM to 10PM – 12PM.

meantime i’ve finished The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince πŸ˜€ MAN i just love GenderBender >_<

and poor Lee Eon i didn’t know he already died (motorcycle accident) RIP Lee Eon

and i didn’t know that the woman in the MV of 2PM’s TikTok that the woman was Yoon Eun Hye i didn’t recognized her ^.^

and now my mom bought new drama’s: Personal Taste, Cinerella’s Sister,The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry…

now i’m watching Buzzer Beat starring Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi ^_^

oow yeah yesterday after the exams we (our class) did a ClassActivity. it was BBQ + a waterfight when i came home i was wet >.<

and today we (my mom and I) were supposed to go to the Outlet, but when i was awake, it was 10:40AM so we went to some place closer by i’ve bought 2 blouses and 2 mangas: Nana 14 and Bleach 11 i couldn’t found FruitsBasket 10 although they said on the Site it was out T.T

so yeah this was everything i could say about it >_<


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