New, New, New…

yo minna-san

it’s been awhile srry that i didn’t upload much the past time >_<

well here we go

today i’ve changed my layout (theme + header + gravatar) into the Drama ” The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” cos i’m currently following it and cos i love genderbender πŸ˜€ such as “Hana Kimi”, “You’re Beautiful”Β  so now it’s all coffee :3 but my gravatar is still music πŸ˜€

The First Shop of Coffee Prince

Megurine Luka

yesterday i’ve got my second japanese lesson it was sugoii now we’ve learned all the Hiragana’s (that’s in total 46 characters) and e also learned the colors, de days in the week and other things ^_^

ooh and now i’m a big big fan of Kim Jae Wook (Sun Ki aka waffle guy from Coffee Prince and Eiji (well i think it’s Eiji but i’m not sure) from Antique Bakery the Movie) ❀

left: Antique Bakery, right: Coffee Shop

i even changed my timeline from plurk into this

ooh and this week i did my presentation for music it’s about K-pop and J-pop (duh XD): SS501, TVXQ, Ai Otsuka, Olivia Lufkin

and in this week i also completed Loveless cos i’m trying to cosplay Ritsuka this is a teaser of it >.<

ooh yeah and today it’s SS501’s Leaders B-day: Kim Hyun Joong >_<

Happy B-Day Hyung Joong Oppa

well i guess that’s this week uploads πŸ˜€

P.S. in 2 weeks i’m gonna have Exams so i won’t be able to post anything on my blog πŸ˜₯


2 thoughts on “New, New, New…

  1. Kya ~
    Love your new theme set up
    Very calming
    (and of course the bishies in your header are awesome :3)

    Aw, cat ears ~
    A cosplayer’s best friend
    Hope your cosplay looks badass

    Good luck on your exams!
    You can do it!

    • thx it’s Bueno (i saw it on your page and also wanted to do a bueno page >_<)
      i know bishies are so great :3 especially Jae Wook ❀

      me too i hope that it looks good πŸ˜€


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