lately I…

yo minna-san

it’s been awhile i hope everyone is still healthy and ok 😀

saturday my friend and i had japanese lesson ( i had it for the first time >_<) and it was great we learned that ame had 2 signification: rain and candy ^_^ and we learned another 21 words and 10 characters. our teacher planned to finish the hiragana (1 of the writing systems) before the summer vacation.

later my friend and i went to the city and i let my ears pierced again coz the first ones grew back TT^TT and he bought a cd from Ami and Yumi that was ordered in August 2009

later we went to see a movie: Prince of Persia >_<


it was an awesome movie. after we got out of the movie place we went to the bus station and searched when the next bus was. it was 7:18 PM and the next bus was 9:04PM we were like  noooooooooooooooooooooooo

but luckily there was a earlier bus to somewhere else and it was also closer to my house >_< so we went safely home

that’s how i spent my saturday 😀 how did you people spent your saturday?

well that’s what i had to say today so…

Mata ne~


2 thoughts on “lately I…

  1. Nice to see you continuing your Japanese lessons ~

    Hope getting your ears pierced again wasn’t too painful ><
    I never had my ears pierced so I don't know what it feels like

    I wanna play the video game Prince of Persia (I'm waiting for it to be cheap :3)
    Was surprised to see it became a movie 8U

    I spent my Saturday working ^^:
    Nothing cool for me sadly
    Oh well, I got $$$ for manga 8D

    • arigatou =3

      well my ears still hurts a little bit but for the rest it’s ok 😀

      lol i never played the game
      me too i was surprised that there was a movie about it
      my friend said it were the makers of Pirates of the Carribean

      nice i also want to work but i still haven’t anything + i didn’t make my CV (don’t know if in the states use this word well it’s actually your information on a paper XD)
      me too i want to work for Manga :3

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