Place that i didn’t knew it existed :D

yo minna-san

today i went to a japanese bookstore named “Aoki Shoten” in Brussels (Capital of Belgium (Europe))

the previous one didn’t exist anymore so we (my mom) asked an other one so they gave us this shop’s address >_<

we searched and in the same street there was an international Japanese School

there was an amazing track and field place in the school (forgot to take a pic of it TT.TT)

so we (my bro, mom & me) came in the shop where the boss said konnichiwa >_<. we looked around and i bought 1 thing cos i didn’t saw my friend’s book for the japanese lessons that thing were  word cards


oooh and btw yesterday i was practising my japanese words (20 characters of hiragana) for my japanese lesson next saturday

ooh and yesterday i watched the first ep of Buzzer Beat starting with Yamapi 😀

the song is from B’z with “ichibu to zenbu”

well here’s the opening >_<

bye bye


2 thoughts on “Place that i didn’t knew it existed :D

    • uhu 😀
      but you know those books weren’t cheap
      1 manga was 8 or 9 euro (9 or 11 dollars)
      lol i don’t read japanese (yet) but that will change after i’m more experienced with japanese >_<

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