** NewsFlash **

yo minna-san

well it’s been awhile so i’m now updating :p

few days ago i went to commend a english manga “Tsubasa Chronicle 1”. after i commended it my dad said “why don’t you try to search for online buying”  so the day after that i searched in Amazon and the sell it for 8 dollars while i commended it for 12 dollars (i think cos i paid for 10.90 euro)  i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ so now if i want to buy something i’ll go to Amazon 😀

and while i comended i also bought BLeach 10 (finally well it was out in February :D)

ooh and i also completed Akuma De Sourou aka The Devil Does Exist 😀 the end was so beautiful =3

ooh, ooh and ss501 are releasing their album the 3rd week of May don’t know when but we’ll see :p i can’t wait til then >_<

and an other newflash is on 22th May i’m gonna learn Japanese for the first time with a friend so we pay each the half of the sum 😀 so i can wait til (again :p)

lol well i think that’s it


2 thoughts on “** NewsFlash **

  1. Amazon is awesome for good prices :3
    I like using rightstuf too (but that’s because I live in the states and I get free shipping for orders over 50$ – not sure what international has to pay for free shipping though)
    Usually Amazon is used to get older titles that rightstuf stops carrying ~

    Good to hear the ending of “The Devil Does Exist” went well
    A friend lent me a volume a while back and I enjoyed it ~
    I wonder if she has the rest…?

    Good luck with your Japanese course
    Hopefully it’ll be fun
    (make sure to teach me any cool stuff you learn ;3)

    • yup 😀
      well few days ago i told my mom and let her see and it was free shipping over the 25$ for the States so i was like nooooooooooooooooo and we watched for the Amazon of UK (that’s closer than the States :p) and it was 2-3 days for shipping and the mangas were 5£ + shipping + costs for an item then you get something around the 9 or 10£
      well i’ll see what kind of a solution to have mangas cheaper 😀

      i hope so cos it’s actually a good one 😀

      thanks my friend came yesterday and taught me how the write the words that he learned (20 characters of Hiragana) he just started and had 2 leesons: he learned 20 hiragana, the numbers, 40 words (how to speak) and 23 sentences like hello, nice to meet you…the teach even work with books(3rd grade) from Japan >_<
      i'll remember it when i hear some cool stuff :p
      we maybe even go to a japanese bookstore in town ^_^

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