New, Brand New

yo minna-san

as you can see i changed my Header ^^

this time i chose this and i think this is not a specified anime or manga. actually the theme this month is “Music” cos recantly i’m addicted to Gummy’s new song “As A Man” (for MV see previous post) and not only because of this but music is everything in everyone ^^

ooh and btw yesterday i finished Yamato Nadeshiko shichi Henge (the drama XD)

from left to right: Takano Kyohei, Yukinojo Toyama, Oda Takenaga, Nakahara Sunako, Nakahara Takeru, Nanahara Mine and Mori Ranmaru

this is a great drama but i think the anime is more funnier the ending was the most beautiful ever. i went all Kyaaaa~<3 and things

well it’s definately recommended for people who likes scary things and bishies :3

Story: well i think you know the story from thre manga :p


Takano Kyohei: Kamenashi Kazuya

Nakahara Sunako: Oosama Aya

Yukinojo Toyama: Tegoshi Yuya

Oda Takenaga: Uchi Hiroki

Mori Ranmaru: Miyao Shuntaro

Nakahara Takeru: Kato Seishiro

Nakahara Mine: Takashima Reiko

oo and now i’m watching KochiKame



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