Place that i didn’t knew it existed :D

yo minna-san today i went to a japanese bookstore named “Aoki Shoten” in Brussels (Capital of Belgium (Europe)) the previous one didn’t exist anymore so we (my mom) asked an other one so they gave us this shop’s address >_< we searched and in the same street there was an international Japanese School there was […]

** NewsFlash **

yo minna-san well it’s been awhile so i’m now updating :p few days ago i went to commend a english manga “Tsubasa Chronicle 1”. after i commended it my dad said “why don’t you try to search for online buying”ย ย soย the day after that i searched in Amazon and the sell it for 8 dollars while […]

New, Brand New

yo minna-san as you can see i changed my Header ^^ this time i chose this and i think this is not a specified anime or manga. actually the theme this month is “Music” cos recantly i’m addicted to Gummy’s new song “As A Man” (for MV see previous post) and not only because of […]