yo minna-san

yesterday i completed (?) W-Juliet II and few days ago i completed W-Juliet

it was a great manga. now it’s one of the favorites 😀

story: Makoto Narita wants to become an actor but his dad opposed him. then his dad had a propositionif Makoto can act like girl ’til he graduade then he can be an actor. so he was ok with it and came in Sakura High where Ito Miura (tomboy) is in the drama club. they became very quick friends. one day Makoto came to her house and one of her brothers sprayed water in them (accidently) so Makoto must change his clothes before he becomes sick. Ito came to the room to bring some clothes and found out that Makoto’s a boy. after she heard the story she decided to keep the secret. later their bond became stronger and became a couple in secret. will Makoto be able to become an actor? will they be found out? what will happen? that are the secrets if you don’t read it but if you did you’ll know what will happen 😀

W-Juliet II is the sequel of W-Juliet (i think that’s normal XD )

this manga (W-Juliet) contains 14 volumes and W-Juliet II 2 volumes though i’m not sure coz some people says it’s on hiatus some others says it’s completed (i don’t know what to believe @_@)

 if someone knows what the answer is, please tell me onegai shimasu >_<

bye bye ^_^


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