Paradise Gakuen

yo minna-san

for everyone who watch this, i’ve made a group on facebook called Paradise Gakuen

this is the profile pic (made it myself) *very proud of herself*

how did it happened? 

well to tell you the truth my friends and i were chatting on Plurk and we’ve got the idea that if there was a school where there were hot male teachers that are Japanese and Korean actors and stars or people of Boybands that teach us about a topic in school.

well of course there’s also a dormitory with the teachers next doors *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in mind* so we can see what they’re doing so in other words we’re gonna stalk them XD


i know it’s only a dream but at least we could use our imagination for this :p

well feel free to join our group: Paradise Gakuen ^^



2 thoughts on “Paradise Gakuen

  1. “other words we’re gonna stalk them XD”

    Haha, that’s awesome xD

    I don’t play around on facebook much unfortunately ^^; (my friends yell at me all the time for that) but that’s a cool idea.
    Hope you have fun ~

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