Break and Before…

yo minna-san

today i’ve drew something really i didn’t much drawing anymore, shame on me >_<

this is the result ^^

and this is the pic ^^

now previous Saturday i’ve got an iTouch ^^ cozit was not fair my broters got new games (pokemon soulsilver and pokemon heartgold) i got nothing so i asked for an iTouch ^^

there it is ^^

ooh and before the break i drew something on my closet

first it was…

then it was like wow in my opinion ^^

ooh yeah and my mom made om strawberry milkshake (mmmmmmmmmmm ichigo’s ^^)

we called it StarMoonBucks coz the cups are from StarBucks and we sometimes make iced coffee with those cups ^^

 well this kind a bit for now ^^

ooh btw we’re waiting for the new stuff of drama there’s Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge aka the wallflower, Buzzerbeat and others ^^

so bye bye


6 thoughts on “Break and Before…

  1. I have an iphone (yeah!) so I know the greatness that is the ipod touch 83
    It’s really fun to play with (people in my classes are always playing on them instead of paying attention to the teacher xD)

    StarMoonbucks is such a cute name ^_^
    I love making shakes ~
    Esp Strawberry flavored ones (bc strawberries ROCK!)

    Cute pictures BTW
    Esp on your closest 8D Kobato love!

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