New Addicted Song For Me >_<

yo minna-san ^^

today i became a fanof 2PM


sumimasen but i’m a new fan so i don’t know who’s who (can some one help me!!!!)

the song that i love and my first one is the cf of “anycall Corby” with mv “My Color”


i found them while i was searching which group did a cf for samsung anycall phones just like Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), Kim Bum and Kim Joon (T-Max) all people from BOF

(and i still love this phone “anycall haptic pop”) >_< this is the phone that the korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” used

an other is anyband

in this mv the group is formed by Bora, Tablo (Epik high), BoA and Xiah (TVXQ)

and an other one is “anycall magic hole”

in the cf there is Lee Min Ho (BOF), Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 and BOF) and UEE (You’re Beautiful)

and the last one “haptic anycall”


in this cv there is TVXQ and Girl’s Generation

well i guess that’s all i can say for now ^^

bye bye


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