A Little Princess

yo minna-san

today i finished the J-Drama “A Little Princess” aka “Shokojo Seira”

plot: seira is a rich girl who has lost her mother. she lives in India and wanted to go to school where her mother graduated from. so she goes with her father to japan. she as very happy until her birthday. the principle got a phone that seira’s father has died. so seira was left penniless and must work as a servant. there she works with kaito who is also a servant. what will happen? is there gonna be romance between those 2? that you will see ^^


Shida Mirai as Kuroda Seira 

Hayashi Kento as Kaito

Higuchi Kanako as Mimura Chieko

the theme song of “Shokojo Seira” is “Kanashimi Wa Kitto” from UVERworld

ooh and few days ago i finished “Penguin Revolution”

i thought that the ending could be better, but if that’s what the mangaka want then i respect her ^^

i thought there was more romance (me and my romance >_<) i like the drawings of Tsukuba Sakura (respect man, respect ^^

now i’m gonna watch “Kurosagi” ( i know it’s a older drama but still +the new drama’s are gonna arrive soon ^^) and for the manga i’m watching “Mekakushi no Kuni” aka “Land Of The Blindfolded” from the same mangaka of “Penguin Revolution”: Tsukuba Sakura

 and as for the anime i’m watching “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!” it’s too funny XD can’t wait to see what happen next ( though i know it from the manga ^^, but still it’s exciting >.<)

i just like MisakiXUsui couple ^^+ shota Usui wa kawaii :3


well this was it ^^

bye bye =3


8 thoughts on “A Little Princess

  1. I love Land of the Blindfolded, such a good romance. I’ve never heard of Penguin revolution, but I’ll check it out. ^_^ I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Maid-sama, at some point I want to read the manga too.

    • well i didn’t like the ending of “land of the blindfolded” but there’s more romance than penguin revolution ^^
      well maid-sama! is a funny manga and of course there’s romance >_<
      i totally recommend it!!!

  2. How cute ~
    I never knew there was A Little Princess drama
    Arkynox will be very pleased to hear this (but she’s in fanfic world right now ^^;)

    I never finished Land of the Blindfold. It was too slow for me I guess.
    Maybe in the future I’ll try to restart it (esp if I can find the manga cheap ;3)

    • me either didn’t know there was a drama but my mom bought it so ^^
      is fanfic world a con?

      well i prefer the ending of penguin revolution *finished land of the blindfolded and is right now busy with w-juliet ^^*
      haha XD

      • Fanfic is short for fanfiction
        Fanfictions are stories people make about shows/video games/books/etc they like
        Mostly fanfics are about certain couples getting together.
        Like, for DNAngel, there would be stories where Daisuke gets with Riku. Or Dark gets with Risa. Or Daisuke with Whiz (there are some weird fanfics out there o_o; Friend told me about Sasuke (Naruto) getting together with a cupcake…)
        Arkynox LOVES fanfics haha ^^
        She’s been neglecting her blog in favor of reading fanfics xD
        Hope that helped :3

      • There are those (actually lots of BL ones)
        But there are also weird ones
        Like Sasuke x Tissue (as in the thing you blow your nose in! xD)

        [I mistakenly put cupcake but I think that was Harry Potter fanfic I heard of. Harry x Cupcake xD]

        Sorry for the confusion

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