it’s time for something new ^__^

yo minna-san

today i’ve changed my header as you can also can see that this time it’s the turn of Dark and Daisuke ^^

why those two?

well recently i’m reading DN Angel, coz i forgot that it’s in our collection of manga >_<

well this is the whole picture ^^

well my fav character is Dark: he’s soo hot, well i mean Daisuke is also hot but he still has i child’s face >.<

oh yeah i also changed my gravatar into this

well only one part of it ^^ this is the manga “Wish” fromp CLAMP i liked it very much and “Wish” is also a cross-over in the anime Kobato.

here we have chibi-Koryu and his 2 servants: Ruri and Hari (the cats) and also chibi-Kohaku (kyaaaaaaaaaaaa  Kohaku and Koryu are  soo cute when they’re in chibi form >.<)

oh btw yesterday i got my new pair of glasses ^^

it’s like this

well i’ve got the pink one ^_^ (option 2)

and yesterday i also got my points from the exams TT^TT

man i hate functions, i even don’t understand what it’s good for (for the people who likes functions, i’m sorry that i’ve said that)

my teacher even said that functions isn’t your best friend ^^

well i guess it’s all i can say ^^

bye bye


3 thoughts on “it’s time for something new ^__^

  1. Wish is such a great series. It’s probably one of my favorite series that Clamp has done ^_^ Functions are evil, I never really understood them in high school, I don’t even think they have a use unless your a mathematican or doing something really high tech.

    • yeah Wish is definetly a great serie ^^ (although i didn’t see an other serie of CLAMP in manga, coz the most of it are too long and i watch it on scanlation so it’s bad for my eyes)
      *nods* i think so too
      i wonder what the use is of functions ^^

  2. 8D DNAngel!!
    I’ve got that manga (haven’t read it yet though)
    I’ve seen the anime. Was very pretty (though the story confused me ^^;)

    And awwww!!! to Wish being your new avatar 8D

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