Otomen >.<

yo minna-san

today i just finished the drama Otomen ^^

it was quite good and utein the end >.<

theme song + ending:


Masamune Asuka:  Okada Masaki


Miyakozuka Ryo: Kaho

Tonomine Hajime: Kimura Ryo

Ariake Yamato: Seto Koji

Tachibana Juta: Sano Kazuma

plot: Masamune Asuka does kendo and is the captain, but he has a secret… he actually likes sewing, cooking and all girly stuffs. then one day he met Miyakozuka Ryo, a girl who just transferred to his school. she’s good at fighting, but she doesn’t know how to cook,  to sew and all the things girls do. then there’s Tachibana Juta, the secretly mangaka with the name Miss Sachihana who writes shojo manga “Love Chick”. Tonomine Hajime is number 2 in kendo and came to the school to beat Asuka, but he also has a secret: he actually like to make people beautiful with make-up. and there is the first year Ariake Yamato. he admires Asuka coz he’s manly and wants to be like him. in otomen you see that there are guys who actually like girly stuffs  ^^.

well my favorite person is Tonomine and Tachibana. well i guess i really like cod type of guys ^^ Tonomine’s like don’t talk to me, and Tachibana is a happy person ^^

oh i keep thinking don’t you think Tonomine’s like Ishida Uryuu

i think Uryuu is actually also a otomen, coz he sews things when he has nothing to do ^^

this was it and you’re watching Mangafanatic.wordpress.com ^^


3 thoughts on “Otomen >.<

  1. I’ve read a little of the manga and I like it so far. I agree Uryuu is like Tonomine. I love the Kimono Ryo plays, its so beautiful.

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