yo minna-san

yesterday i just finished watching Kobato and man i cried in episode 23 & 24!!

in episode 23 i cried of sadness coz Kobato left coz her soul was expired and has left Fujimoto TT.TT

she had a weird thing on her head, it was like a crown


and in episode 24 she was deleted from everybody who knew her. Fujimoto found a candy and remembered everything and searched for people who knew her but everybody forgot her. he eventually came to Kohaku and she remembered it and told the story of Kobato to Fujimoto. 4 years later Fujimoto became a laywer and had a business to sell a house (i think it was, but i’m not sure) there he played on the piano. the song he played was “Ashita Kuru Hi”


means that he loves Kobato ^^. later he met the girl of the house and she looked like Kobato and Fujimoto requested her to sing the song she was singing that eventually was “Ashita Kuru hi” ^^ and gave the candy to Kobato and when she was singing she remembered everything and told Fujimoto that she’s back.


in the end they show you what everybody has become (in the video above)

and so ends Kobato. man iwished there was more. as exspected from CLAMP they are just the best >.<

this anime is the best, i really recommend this to everybody

my score is 10/10

so this is the and of my post  ^^

Sayonara ^^


2 thoughts on “Kobato…

  1. 8D Yeah, the ending is a good one!
    I was holding off from watching Kobato because I was afraid it’d turn out like Tsubasa (I didn’t like the ending of Tsubasa – friend told me what happened when I asked).

    The English-version of Kobato (manga) is coming out in May here in the states so I may get it then :3 (does the anime follow the manga or is it different?)

    • yeah i cried in those 2 episodes TT.TT
      yeah TRC is good but the ending i hear was bad but still it’s one of my favorite anime ^^

      here in belgium they are already working on volume 3 but it’sin french TT^TT and i read in dutch
      i want more manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i think it’s a bit different like all the manga from the anime ^^

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