It’s been a while…

yo minna-san

it’s been a while that i posted something. that because of the exams (big tests)

but previous week i finished the manga “S.A. Special A” and the ending wasn’t very good T_T

this is the last volume

and also i finally finished “Boys Over Flowers” it was one of the first drama’s my mom bought ^^

this is the box that i have ^^

and now i’m watching “Otomen” and man it’s funny

ooh btw i became a fan of C.N.Blue because of my mom was watching “you’re beautiful” and the leader was in it

with the song “I’m a Loner”

& F.Cuz with the song Jiggy

& A.N.JELL thought there the group in “you’re beautiful” they are still good


well this is it then see you next time ^^


4 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. I heard the ending of the manga is kind of meh for S.A.
    But at least the manga went further than where the manga left off :3 (I’m only on vol 1 so I’m just repeating what others have told me)

    I watched the anime version of Boys Over Flowers and arkynox told me it’s no where near the level of drama as in the live action version. She keeps wanting me to watch the live action but I’m too hesitant. I’m not good with super drama stuff ^^:

    • yeah it is!!
      huh went further than the manga where the manga left off @_@?
      i guess you mean where the anime left off ^^
      well yeah it is >.<

      yeah me too, i have watched the anime but it (the video) was very bad quality TT^TT
      well yeah it is better ^^ but one thing i found strange was in the korean version Jan Di (Tsukushi) wear outfits that looks expensive and in the story they are poor (btw i said it to my mom also a drama fan and my mom said the same)

      but i watched it very long i've got the drama from september or october and watched a little while but it was too long so i quit °_°
      it has 25 episode and 1 episode is 1 hour

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