Made In Asia !!

yo minna-san

yesterday i’ve been gone to an event. well guess it was a manga/anime/game event ^^

of course i was there as Setsuna ^^ at the begin i didn’t knew anybody @_@ but after some time i’ve made friends and we spent the time together ^^

well i’ve bought things such as a Tsubasa Chronicle poster

a Totoro cushion

a Mokona wallet

some how i’ve participated the drawing contest but i never saw my drawing on the event TT^TT

this was the drawing i sent to them

ooh i forgot there was also a cosplay contest

this one was my fav

the cosplay was beautiful

ย and HITT was there

he had a concert in the event

there were alot of shops



this was a very beautiful yukata

uwaaaaaaa… candies >_<

well i guess this was kind of bit the day of yesteday

btw it was my first event ^^

4 thoughts on “Made In Asia !!

  1. That Totoro pillow is awesome 8D
    But I’d feel bad putting my butt on his face – is he like a cushion you sit on or more of a pillow cushion, like a decoration?
    So much Tsubasa stuff. Did they have Kobato stuff too?

    So many stores with so many things. Must have been fun 8D
    Good to hear your first event went by smoothly!

  2. I love the Tsubasa poster ๐Ÿ™‚ That Yukata is really pretty, the colors are gorgeous. It looks like it was a really fun event with lots of nice goodies ^_^

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