It’s been 6 months…

yo minna-san

well, it’s been 6 months that made this blog ^^ when i think about it, it makes me happy

well it’s also time for a new header and this time it’s Special A

why Special A? i tell you why ^^ coz right now i’m watching the manga Special A on although i finished the anime ( 1year ago) i wanted to see what will happen to those two and the others >_<

and this months icon is…

Syaoran and Sakura!!!

i found this pic when i was searching for a pic of Special A i found it soo kawaii :3

ooh btw the drama’s are arrived ^^

Sunadokei aka Sand Chronicles

You’re Beautiful

Iris with T.O.P. from BigBang

Otomen :3

Toyko Dogs

A Little Princess

Hotelier with cameo SS501 >_<

this are things that i bought when we were at a mall like Costco

“No More Heroes” the first one

This was a map that i gound soo kawaii with the ichigo’s ^^

this is a book (wow a book!!) about japan and romance between 2 people from an other country ^^

if i translated liturally it means the fiancé of Sado

well the so kind a bit what happened previous week ^^

Mata ne!!


4 thoughts on “It’s been 6 months…

  1. Congratulations for sticking with your blog for 6 months ^o^ *throws confetti*

    I like your new header. I’m (slowly) watching Special A myself :3 It’s really funny. Heard the ending sort of leaves you off though; so that’s when I’ll probably start reading the manga.

    The only one of those dramas I know is Otomen (the manga though). I look forward to your review of it :3 I hope it’s as good as the manga!
    Oh wait, I see Sand Chronicles. Very emotional. Have tissues ready. (at least the manga was emotional when I read it)

    That strawberry patterned map is cute X3 Jealous ~

    • arigatou ^^

      yeah it is really funny and yeah that’s what i also heard
      i think it was that the ending was too fast or something @_@

      i’ve heard of otomen and Sand Chronicles and read the intro’s
      ohoh i guess i will cry alot (very emotional cried in ayashi no ceres and absolute boyfriend and code geass)

      hihi that strawberry patron map is my manga mapand all what’s related to japan so all the drawings are inside it >_<

  2. I like your new header, it’s springish ^_^. I haven’t had a chance to watch the anime for special A, but I’ve read some of the manga. Aw Sakura and Sayoran are adorable-easily one of my favorite anime/manga couples.

    Wow nice buys! I didn’t know they had done a liveaction for sand chronicles. It’s really good from what I’ve read so far. I’d love to see a lot of the ones you got, hm someday when I have time.

    • arigatou Rebecca ^^
      i really recommend it but you also must continue in the manga coz it’s an open end so we don’t know what will happen just like Skip beat!
      yeah Syaoran and Sakura Are also my fav couple

      me nether when we bought it it was sunadokei and i thought huh, what’s that? so i searched it and it seems to be Sand chronicles but i never read it only the intro
      well i also have to see more coz my mom buys alot and i’ve only saw 3 drama’s and the half of Boys Over flowers
      i hope you’ll get some time ^^

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