Otomen >.<

yo minna-san today i just finished the drama Otomen ^^ it was quite good and utein the end >.< theme song + ending: Cast: Masamune Asuka:  Okada Masaki   Miyakozuka Ryo: Kaho Tonomine Hajime: Kimura Ryo Ariake Yamato: Seto Koji Tachibana Juta: Sano Kazuma plot: Masamune Asuka does kendo and is the captain, but he has […]

Made In Asia !!

yo minna-san yesterday i’ve been gone to an event. well guess it was a manga/anime/game event ^^ of course i was there as Setsuna ^^ at the begin i didn’t knew anybody @_@ but after some time i’ve made friends and we spent the time together ^^ well i’ve bought things such as a Tsubasa […]

It’s been 6 months…

yo minna-san well, it’s been 6 months that made this blog ^^ when i think about it, it makes me happy well it’s also time for a new header and this time it’s Special A why Special A? i tell you why ^^ coz right now i’m watching the manga Special A on Mangafox.com although […]