Long Time No See >_<

hi minna-san

it’s been a while so i thought why not a post coz i’ve got some time. to tell you the truth previous week i’ve been plurking the whole  time. i was addicted to it >_< but it can’t be helped.

so previous week my mom and i bought drama’s online like “you’re beautiful”, “little princess”, “the korean version of maoh”, “tokyo dogs”, “otomen” and many more when it will arrive you get the details ^^. we’ve bought alot though i’m not finished wtith the drama’s at home like “kami no shizuku” and “boys over flowers” i’ve dropped a little coz it’s too long. currently i’m watching “zettai kareshi” but i’m almost finished so later you’ll get the details

ooh if you people have plurk, we can always be friends on plurk ^^

ooh and an other thing i recently became a “Sound Horizon” Fan with my Fav Uta this time “Stardust”

here’s the PV

have fun & bye bye


4 thoughts on “Long Time No See >_<

  1. I remember seeing that they were making a drama for Otomen and Zettai Kareshi. I really would like to watch Japanese dramas-how much do they usually run on plurk?

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