A finished Drama ^^

hi minna-san

i finally finished a drama named My Girl.


from left to right: Seo Jung Woo, Kim Seo Hyun, Joo Yoo Rin and Seol Gong Chan

it’s a korean drama about a girl named Joo Yoo Rin who works as a tourist agent and lies to people. one day she mets Seol Gong Chan and later Gong Chan asked Yoo Rin to lie to his grandfather, who’s almost dying and his last wish was to see his long lost granddaughter. eventually Yoo Rin and Gong Chan fell in love with each other but there are obstacles like that the best friend of Gong Chan, Jung Woo fell also in love with Yoo Rin and the ex girlfriend of Gong Chan, Seo Hyun wants to take back Gong Chan. but it’s a happy end after all, but i found it too long. my mom and i says always: “why are korean drama’s always so long?” so actually i prefer japanese drama’s there not so long as korean drama’s ^^

well that’s my opinion of “My Girl”, but the theme song is good >_<

it’s Mario & Nesty with “Never Say Goodbye”




2 thoughts on “A finished Drama ^^

  1. I remember hearing about My Girl. I agree that Korean Dramas are too long. There’s been a couple that I was crazy about…but by episode 3 I wasn’t bored, but I felt like not a lot was happening and it was too long? I was watching Couple or Trouble and I loved it…but it felt too slow and long.

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