Bleach x Sunako !!!

hi minna-san

as you can see it’s time for a new header ^^

this time i chose for bleach

Rukia & Ichigo

coz today they’re gonna air the first episode in Belgium with japanese speaking and dutch subs i can wait anymore. they aired before Death Note, but i always forgot to watch TT^TT so today and every wednesday i’m gonna see it. death Note wasn’t worse coz i already saw the anime but bleach it’s only the first episode so gambatte for my self >_<

i also changed my icon or gravatar or something like that. it’s Sunako ^^

i’m so obsessed with her i don’t get her she’s beautiful and yet she thinks she’s ugly coz some other guy told her that well here’s the picture ^^

Sunako Nakahara

well this is it ^^

bye bye


9 thoughts on “Bleach x Sunako !!!

  1. I noticed something was different about your avatar! Very cute!
    I only have the first manga of Wallflower but it’s good :3 I’ll have to continue it some time in the future XD

    Hope you enjoy Bleach. I thankfully haven’t gotten drawn into it yet though my friend keeps trying.

    • arigatou gozaimasu ^^
      i’ve seen the anime, but the manga is also very long. aaaaaah i just love yukinojo he’s so cute >_<

      yeah i enjoyed it but there were technical problems with it: the subs were gone in the entire episode lucky i've already sawthe first episode. yeah i know it's very long

  2. I like Wallflower and I agree, Sunako is pretty. Hopefully she realizes it soon in the manga. I haven’t seen Bleach or Deathnote in forever, but I saw where is streaming episodes of it in english. Oh, I added your link btw ^.^

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