Fav Uta ^^

hi minna-san

today i’m gonna tell you that i’m gonna start something new on my blog it’s called Fav Uta. the meaning of this is if there are songs on my mind i’m just gonna post it and let it hear to you guys. doesn’t it sounds great?

well this is the song that’s stuck in my head for now >_<

“Dreamscape” from Fictionjunction an insert song of “Tsubasa Chronicle”

7 thoughts on “Fav Uta ^^

  1. @sylphalchemist ^^
    yeah me too fictionjunction is just the best ^^ and yuki kajiura’s song are gakoii >__<
    yeah i know "A song of storm and fire". it's good but my favorite song of "Tsubasa Chronicle" is "Sonic Boom" and "Dream Scape" and if i must choose in the category of Yuki Kajiura then yes it's "Asong of storm and fire"

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