hi minna-san ^^

a few days ago i’ve been seeing a j-drama named: Hanazakari No Kimitachi He


it’s so freaking hilarious >_< i’ve been laughing from the beginning to the end. it’s a drama based on the manga “Hanazakari No Kimitachi He”  a.k.a. “Hana Kimi” by Hisaya Nakajo. the drama consist 12 episodes. the music is by Ai Otsuka with “Peach” and Orange Range with “Ikenai Taiyou”

Maki Horikita who plays Ashiya Mizuki is a girl who goes to Osaka High, a boys school, to repay Sano Izumi, that is portrate by Shun Oguri, from she was saved by him in the States and so got insured, because of that he can’t do high jumping. there is also Nakatsu Shuichi, that Toma Ikuta plays, who fell in love with Mizuki, but thought that she was a guy so he thought that he was gay. these are the protagonists of the story.

if you want to find out more, please watch the drama. i really recommented it’s too funny >_<

P.S. there’s also a Taiwanese version of it


5 thoughts on “Drama!!

  1. This is one of the few J dramas that i like more then the Anime and you’re right it’s so freaking funny!

    Have You seen Oruan High school host club? if you like this then you will love that!

    But my fav J dram is still going to be Boys over flowers *hearts*

    • yes i’ve seen ouran high school host club, but i find hana kimi much better ^^
      do you mean the korean or the japanese or the chinese or the taiwanese version? i’ve got the korean version and the 1st season of the taiwanese version
      kyaaa SS501 is the cameo and kim hyun joong is Ji Hoo(hanazawa rui) >_<

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