Nodame Cantabile Finale!!

hi minna-san

today i’ve just watched Nodame Cantabile Finale (the 3rd season of Nodame Cantabile) episode 1

Nodame and Chiaki

and it was freakin’ hilarious ^^ i couldn’t stop laughing. well this time chiaki truely loves nodame he even wanted to go out with nodame but she wasn’t there so he took one of the guys (i forgot his name, it was the one with the glasses i think his names was something with a y) in the house with him as a replacement. they watched a movie, ate lunch. all of it was ROMANTIC. Chiaki  even “saved” his life by pulling him and saying “it’s dangerous”. that guy came with a trauma home to Tanya (a russian girl who studies in the same universaty as Nodame and also lives in that house). well nodame wasn’t there coz she’s practising at school so she can do a concert, in the end nodame got a call and got a request to do a concert.

the people who didn’t see this anime, will not understand what i’m talking about (sumimasen >_<)

so if you say: “hey this anime is interesting, then watch Nodame Cantabile (1st season) and Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen (2nd season) i really recommented to you guys ^^

so see you next time ^^


3 thoughts on “Nodame Cantabile Finale!!

  1. I kept meaning to catch up on the first and second seasons before watching this one, but I was watching so many other anime that I never had the time. I watched the first episode of this season anyway though (since I’ve read the whole manga), and it was just adorable. Chiaki’s “date” with YunLong was hilarious! xD

  2. i’ve see the 2 seasons but not the manga, is it different from it? yeah i know it was too hilarious to see that “date” of chiaki and yunlong (arigatou, kelakagandy for remembering the name of him ^^) and actually there are too many anime that can be watched i’m not done with the ones that are out for a while like peach girl, angelic layer, full moon wo sagashite, kaze no stigma and others so i understand you ^^

  3. I’m not sure about you but I’m the type of person who must read the manga that it is based on if I’m a fan of the series. But I do recommend you to read the manga if you can 🙂

    p.s.: the chiaki-yunlong date is probably the highlight of the episode. Lol.

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