New Header!!

hi minna-san

today i’ve change the header again (you know, each month i change my header ^^) this time is “Code Geass” with the drawings from CLAMP ^^


why Code Geass? well i tell you half year ago (end June) i watched Code Geass and i actually fell a little bit in love with Lelouch (blush) >_< . he was so nice to his sister and i kinda respect him because he swore that he will take revenge for his mother and his sister ,who saw her own mother die in front of her eyes that caused her a trauma. i also like him because of his smile ^^. in the end i cried T_T it was so sad. in order to think that he wasn’t Zero, he ordered to Suzaku to kill him. it was traumatic for me T_T. i was like “nooooooooooooooooooooooo, why lelouch, why did you do that?” i wish that he lived peaceful in japan, or better that he was a real person ^^.  i wish that i can find someone like him >_<

well that you never know in the futur ^^ so this is the end of this post and i tell you this, next week there’s a new post  for sure ^^


3 thoughts on “New Header!!

  1. I’m a fan of Code Geass too! I love the artwork by CLAMP and most of all, the two gorgeous-looking dudes (Lelouch and Suzaku) as the main characters 🙂

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