Happy New Year & Welcome Back ^^

hi minna-san

first of all i wish everybody a happy new year ^^ (altough it’s over)

as everybody who had read my previous posts, i was on holiday in San Francisco. so today i’m going to tell you about my vacation ^^

review: we (my mom, my 2 brothers and me) went from belgium to the netherlands with the Thalys ( high speed train), but it had a delay of 20 minutes and another delay of 1 hour and half during the trip to Schiphol (airport of the netherlands). so we missed our flight to San Francisco and waited a day for the same flight. so the first thing we did was to search for a hotel to sleep. it must be a hotel that has chambers for 4 person and we found one: Novotel

the next day we knew there was snow on the ground.

we went immediatly to check-in so we were safe and went to look in the stores of the airport. the  flight was about 10 hours. i watched only one movie: April bride

cast: Chie: Nana Nagashima, Taro: Eita

it was such a sad story plus it’s a non-fiction story. i like the end-song: Ashita ga Kurunara ( if tomorrow ever comes) by JUJU ft. Jay’ed

a few days later we went to “JapanTown”

it was too much fun but we only had  almost 2 hours  (it’s too short) because the busticket was only 2 hours. my grandma wanted to get that bus (we went to vacation to see our grandma who we hadn’t see for more than 4 years).but in the end we missed it so my grandma paid an other 2 hours. the only thing we bought were miniature swords and a phone chain that were presents for friends. the miniature swords is for the sensei of my brother that does judo and the phone chain is for my friend. i didn’t buy anything, i was soo sad T_T. the first thing that i saw when i came in was this:

i think this is a palace, but i’m not sure, so if you know what this is then please tell me onegai shimasu >_<. we’ve eat there and took a picture:

 in San Francisco there was a big X’mas tree on pier 39:

the person who’s at the bottom of the pic with the X’mas tree is me ^^ and i’m 1m80, so can you imagine how big this tree is °.° . on X’mas day we went to a buffet where there was sushi and other stuff from other countries. my brothers and me always says: “Why not sushibar ^^?”.each time when we see a sushi restaurant or a sushibar or something related to sushi, we say “why not sushibar?”. the restaurant calls MoonStar. these dishes are the one i’ve ate.



Fried Scampies, Fishstick (although it’s round),  Nuggets, Fries and SpringRolls 

   Sushi and Sashimi                                                                  Sushi and Sashimi


 a bit of everything                                                             Spicy and Sour Soup    


                            Jello                                                          Marshmellows with Chocolate Sauce


A friend of my uncle had a friend that was from Tokyo and she gave us mikko (chinese) ^^ that was oishi ^^.

my X’mas gift from my grandma was a bag from LeSportsac which i chose at Macy’s. i really really really wanted that bag, coz they don’t have LeSportsac in Belgium.

 during the trip i wasbored so i drew some drawings (ofcourse it was manga ^^)

just a girl



             a kawaii couple                                                           Hitsugaya   

I don’t know? it’s a flatchested girl or a bishounen


 kimono girl


well the trip ended so quick that it’s time to go home. at the airport we went to a sushi restaurant “Osho”

Restaurant ‘Osho’


these were the thing i ate and drank

                                        Chicken Bowl                                  Green Tea (Oolong Tea was my mom’s)


so this was my holiday ^^ if you also want to tell me about your holiday or where you’ve been in the holidays, don’t hesitate and reply!!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year & Welcome Back ^^

  1. Welcome back!
    Looks like you had a good trip 😀

    Japantown looks so cool! Wish I had something like that over here. The closest thing to Asian I have is a Panda Express haha! XD Oh well. That’s what the internet is for!

  2. Arigatou >.<

    yeah i know ^^ my mom told me:"you should live here." coz she knows i'm really loving it at JapanTown ^^

    what's Panda Express? in belgium we have actually many chinese stores, but i like japanese stores ^^ we also found a japanese hairdresser

  3. Haha, that’s cool. A Japanese hairdresser :D. The only Japanese people besides myself I ever encounter are those who work at the sushi stands XD (I don’t mean to sound racist but it’s true! XD)

    Ah, Panda Express is kind of like Burger King or McDonald’s. It’s a type of fast food chain that has Chinese food (though we all joke it’s a Chinese fast food chain that doesn’t really have Chinese food XD). Some people think it tastes like cardboard while others love it to death.

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