New manga & Delay!

hi minna-san

i guess the last time i thought it was my last post of the year but i guess not ^^

just before i left for San Francisco my mom and my brothers went to the shop and i asked to buy the manga’s that i missed. so now i’ve finally the last Marmalade Boy, Bleach 9, Fruits Basket 9, 7 (all) Alice 19th and my brothers bought 7 DNAngel and 8 naruto which i only read DNAngel from my brothers.

the day when we left for San Francisco i didn’t sleep coz we took the train of 6 o’clock in the morning to Antwerpen and from there the TGV (a train that’s fast) to Holland. but there TGV was on delay for 20 minutes and when we were fineally on the train, it got stuck and we ahd an other delay of 1 hour and a half. so we missed our flight and waited till the next plane which was the next day, so we searched first for a hotel to sleep. but after that everything was fine ^^

so for now i wish to all the people who read this post, a merry christmas and a happy new year ^^

so “sayonara 2009 and konnichiwa 2010 ^^”


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