New Header and shocking news ^_^

konnichiwa minna-san ^_^

it’s been 2 months now that i started to write on this blog

and as you know altough i think every month i change my header

this time it’s Marmalade Boy

because in December the last Marmalade Boy will be Released in Dutch but i can get it in 2010  T_T  but i heard that they are producing Fushigi Yuugi in Dutch so i can’t wait to see it >_<. next week i’ve tests from all the subjects in school (i don’t wanna do it >_<). in December i’m in the USA in San Francisco for vacation so i think this is the last post of 2009 T_T. so the next time when you see a new post it’s probably in 2010 ^_^

so till 2010 ^_^


5 thoughts on “New Header and shocking news ^_^

  1. {Lol how funny! I just changed my header too!}
    It’s really cute. I like Marmalade Boy. It was an emotional roller coaster though!

    Fushigi Yuugi is a good series too but I like it’s prequel, Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu more. It’s SUPER good but on hiatus right now (。>0<。)

    Good luck on your tests! I got finals myself rolling in too! Let’s do our best! ( ^ω^ )

    Since you won’t be back until 2010, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Be safe! Hope you enjoy your time in the states! =D

  2. yeah i know Marmalade Boy’s really a drama ^_^ and i know that FY is great (i ‘ve see the anime last year)
    i wish you luckk on your finals and a merry christmas and a happy new year ^_^
    so see you in 2010

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