aah, finally free time ^_^

hi minna-san

it’s been a week that i didn’t post, but i’ve read “Tokyo Crazy Paradise” ^_^ so for the people they don’t know this manga, it’s actually the same mangaka as from “Skip Beat” but i think you people know “Skip Beat” ^_^ if you don’t there are pictures of those 2 beneath

this is the “Tokyo Crazy Paradise”


the other one’s “Skip Beat”                    

what do you think?

i prefer Skip Beat, because it’s more fun in Skip Beat than in Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Tsukasa is a girl who dresses like a boy. when her parents were dead, she and her 3 brothers were not welcome anymore in there appartment. so she goes to get help from Ryuji, who’s sandaime of kuryugumi group, a yakuza group. she got debts and goes to work as the bodyguard of Ryuji. if you want to know what will happen, then read it certainly ^_^

there’s also another mahwa i’ve finished ^_^ it’s called “He Dedicated To Roses”

it’s written by Hwang Mi Ri (i know it’s another mahwa of her, but there soo good >_< )

Choi Yodah and Choi Ida are the same person , but Choi Yodah is a guy and Choi Ida a girl. because Choi Ida’s father went to debt, her father borrowed money from his friend, but couldn’t return it so Ida became the “maid” of Mimi, her mother the maid of the house of Mimi and her father the driver of Mimi’s father. to relax Ida turns into Yodah and fight with people. it’s a romantic mahwa with fighting ^_^


6 thoughts on “aah, finally free time ^_^

  1. Kya Skip Beat!
    I’m so behind on that series (I’m way back on volume #5…) (^-^;
    Wow, Tokyo Crazy Paradise is long too! Makes me wonder if Skip Beat will ever end in my lifetime…*jk*

    I saw “He is Dedicated to Roses” on mangafox! Totally thought it was something else though *lol* I think I got it confused with another series with the word “Rose” in the title. Another title to check out =D Thx

    • yeah i wonder if skip beat will ever finish @_@ coz kyoko isn’t in love with anybody right now

      that from that rose what do you mean? is it only the word rose or something else? is it on mangafox or not?

      • Wow…even after 20+ volumes!? And here I thought Ryou and Hakuou (Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri) were coy! (@Д@;

        Ah, and the manga I was confusing “He is Dedicated to Roses” was called “Rose Maiden.” It’s a yaoi, so I confused “He is Dedicated to Roses” as a boy x boy series (a genre I don’t really read, thus that’s why I avoided “He is Dedicated to Roses”) . Oops! (^-^;

  2. Ohh i just recently read Tokyo Crazy Paradise I found it pretty good, better than what I originally expected but I guess I still have a soft spot for Skip Beat ^-^
    I tried He’s Dedicated to Roses quite some time back but I stopped in the middle… Maybe I might pick it up again…?

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