New my T.A.P. ^_^

so this what i’ve been working in the vacation of autumn ^_^

so these are the pictures i’ve used followed by a drawing of mine

meet ichigo kurosaki  *_*


ichigo kurosaki (2)

this is kaname-sempai!

kaname kuran


Kyaa lelouch >_<

Lelouch Lamperouge-Lelouch vi Britannia

lelouch lamperouge

hey sakura and syaoran ^_^

Sakura&Syaoran 4


don’t by affraid to post comments, it can maybe correct my drawing style ^_^

12 thoughts on “New my T.A.P. ^_^

    • arigatou i really like to draw Syaoran x sakura so i will draw more of those 2 ^_^
      i only read Bleach, because the anime is too long, but my brother is watching to Bleach i really don’t get him @_@ he watched it for a week now and he’s already watching episode 90 or more i think. but i watched the first episode and dropped it, because i bought the manga ^_^

      • My friend I mentioned watched like all the episodes of Bleach available in 3 days. I was impressed. And slightly scared! o_o She barely slept at all!

        But she really loves it. I may check it out once I know the ending is good. I hate reading a series where the ending stinks! >_<:

  1. yeaa, bleach is really long. both manga and anime. it took me 1 month to watch to the latest episode which was about 255+ episodes long. Hahaha. though its a nice anime/manga.

  2. muy lindo los dibujos espectacular buena mano tienes yo tambien dibujo bien no me creo el mejor pero de dibujar se trata lo hago bien

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