It’s Love

hi minna-san

when i mean “It’s Love”, i mean the mahwa ^_^

 It's Love

i just finished it yesterday ^_^ it’s about an orphan Sera who’s adopted by the lady of the Choi household. there she lives with 3 beautiful stephbrothers, Ram Choi, Hui Rim Choi and Han Seum Choi. Ram is someone who fights, he calls Sera puppy and Chihuahua. Hui Rim is the smart boy who thinks fighting is bad, he hates stupid girls, he calls Sera stupid girl. Han Seam is the youngest and a actor and later in the story a singer. he’s also 16, he said to Sera that they don’t know each other in school. these brothers don’t accept her as a familymember. they ordered her as a maid, when Sera is 16, she still bullied by those brothers, but when the mother of the 3 brothers came home, she wanted Sera to become a real familymember, but the brothers were against it, because they don’t see Sera as their sister (they are secretive all in love with Sera). Han Seam is the first one who confessed to Sera. do you want to know what her anwser was and with who she ends up? then read the mahwa written by Pack sang Eun “It’s Love” ^_^ hope you liked it?


2 thoughts on “It’s Love

  1. I remember seeing this on mangafox! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it because the description made the guys sound like totally jerks! >:O

    However, your review makes me wonder if I should give this a second chance and check it out! Actually looks like something that may be right up my alley! ^_^

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