Kyaa… New Header >_<

hi minna-san

i thought why isn’t it time for a new header plus next month it’s winter so i thought about this picture


isn’t she kawaii, kobato-chan >_< plus it’s really fits in my theme winter so tada: kobato-chan with ioryogi-san. you would ask “why always kobato or tsubasa chronicle?” well it’s because i just love works of CLAMP, so the headers i’ll use in the future wil probably be works of CLAMP ^_^ but don’t worry i also will use other manga’s as header, so don’t worry to much ^_^ in the picture i like the matching hats of kobato-chan and ioryogi-san. it’s soo kawaii  >_<


4 thoughts on “Kyaa… New Header >_<

  1. How cute!
    I think it properly matches the changing of the seasons =D (I can’t wait to read Kobato – Yen Press is going to release it over here in the states! It looks so cute, like Card Captor Sakura)

    Maybe I should change my banner one of these days too ^_^; Seems like everyone is doing that…

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