New manga >_<

konnichiwa minna-san

previous saturday me and my friends went to leuven (Belgium) to go see a movie. after that we went to go shopping. in the fnac i bought 8 manga’s: Marmalade Boy 7, Nana 8,9,10,11,12 and 13 and D.N. Angel 3 >_< .

2009-10-28 001

top from left to right: Nana 8, Nana 9, Nana 10, Nana 11; bottom from left to rigth: Nana 12, Nana 13, D.N. Angel 3, Marmalade Boy 7

 it was a great day because that week and the next few weeks ti’s 3+1 Free so i spent 30 euro on 8 manga + i’ve got 2 free bags of manga and 2 free cards of the 2 Nana’s

2009-10-28 002

the 2 free bags from glenat in grey and pink  >_<     


left: Nana Osaki; Right: Nana ( Hachiko) Komatsu

i really like the skirt that hachiko wears it’s so kawaii >_< . and the look of nana is so beautiful especially with that hat of her and those 2 have a 7 or zeven on there cloths.  nana: hat with red 7 and hachiko: t-shirt in pink zeven but i guess you guys don’t see it  because the picture’s aren’t clear  


well if you have comments don’t hesitate and say it


4 thoughts on “New manga >_<

  1. いいな~! 😮
    How lucky! The stores here never have anything cool like free bags or cards!
    I should one day check out DNAngel. I’ve seen the anime but I’m told the anime and manga are way different.
    Nana looks good too but I want to wait before I read it because I heard the series is on hiatus right now and that it’s REALLY suspenseful/addicting! >_<

    • yea i know ^^
      D.N.Angel is a bit like kamikaze kaito jeanne, but the main character in D.N. Angel is a boy and that of kamikaze kaito jeanne is a girl. but i like it ^^
      and nana i actually don’t know if it’s on hiatus because the serie in dutch isn’t totally translated so i really don’t know what ai yazawa is doing.
      but both of them are good ^^

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