2 other mahwa of Hwang Mi Ri finished >_<

konnichiwa minna-san

few weeks ago i’ve read “Legend Of Nereid” of Hwang Mi Ri  >_<

Legend of nereid

but i didn’t like the end of the story  °_°

well here i go with the storyline  ^_^

matia (the girl from the picture) is the warrior of the ocean, who is followed to be kiled, because of a prophecy which was false. allong in the story she fell in love with general Temedes. but the problem is that he is the one who got the mission to kill the warrior of the ocean. matia escapes and she disguised herself into a man with the name kulap. kulap is actually the name of mutia’s friend. temedes and matia fell in love, but there was a other man who fell in love with matia, that was prince tyon. he was the enemy of attica, the province where temedes lives. it’s a story about love, war, greek methology. of you’re interrested in this then you surely must watch this  ^_^

the other mahwa was “Cutie Boy”

cutie boy

about this mahwa… this also a work of hwang Mi Ri (sorry but i really like the mahwa’s of her ^_^ ) so here is the storyline of this. it’s about lee han ah who was bullied in 2nd grade by yoo min. but he thought it was not bullying, but to help her ajust things because he likes her. but he said to her words like round face, wide butt.so of couse han ah thought it was bullying. few years later she met him again, but didn’t knew it was yoo min and they go out. after she found out that yoo min was the one who bullied her, she was scared and she must obbey what yoo min says. it contains love, action, comedy,school life in this mahwa. if it’s something for you, you should read it  >_<

so this was it (>°.°<)


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