just finished mahwa of Hwang Mi Ri ^o^

hi minna-san

yesterday i just finished Hot Blooded Woman of Hwang Mi Ri  ^_^

hot blooded woman 

it was really a good story ^_^ Hot Blooded Woman contains 24 volumes. the mangaka (i don’t no what you call a artist of a mahwa >_< ) is Hwang Mi Ri. i really like the stories of her, like He Dedicated To Roses and Love SOS (those are the one that i’m reading from her ^_^ ) are also good. but in Hot Blooded Woman it’s always like car accident this, car accident that and always hospitalizing. but it’s really good. the story ‘s about a girl named Ha Ji Kang who is the jiang of Doberman (name of the group). she had a motor accident and the next thing she knows she’s in a body of Aram Han who has a weak body. Aram goes disguised to school to not attract people, because she’s actualy a beauty, but she in love with Park Sin Uoo who hates her. and in order to get marry with Sin Uoo, because she loves him she goes disguised. but later Sin Uoo begins to fall in love with Ha Ji. later just before Sin Uoo wants to tell her that he loves her. Ha Ji (in Aram’s body) had an car accident on front of Sin Uoo’s eyes. she was dead, he had an traumatic because of that. he wants to get revenge on Ha Ji (Aram’s soul was in Ha Ji’s body before the accident) and Han Seo Jang, because they were the one that Aram (Ha Ji ‘s soul) died. if you want to know what will happen next to find it out ^_^


4 thoughts on “just finished mahwa of Hwang Mi Ri ^o^

  1. I remember hearing about this manhwa somewhere awhile back. I thought it was about something dirty for some reason though (probably due to the title lol) so I never looked into it ^_^; Nice to see a positive review! Might check it out in the future 🙂

  2. No way!
    C’m on, “hot blooded woman” means that Ha-Ji is high spirited, has a short temper, a lot of energy and is a very passionate person. It has nothing to do with beinh “hot” or whatever… It means her life has a lot of action and drama and stuff. She really does live her life.

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