few drawings ^_^

hi minna-san

a few weeks ago i was bored and draw some manga.

there just people that i draw so there no characters from any anime or manga. 

so here they are

Mobile Photo's 001

this one was for a teacher who just had a baby.

i our class was invited so i draw this.

it says “hoera!!! een meisje” which means “hooray!!! a girl”

actually i really like this draw ^_^ 

Mobile Photo's 010

this one was when i was bored and

i really wanted to draw something

so this was the result !!! 

it’s a girl who wears a kimono or a yukata.

Mobile Photo's 006

this one was for my brother. he let mewrite in a book that is called in dutch”vriendenboek”

i didn’t have a picture, so i drew meself in manga ^_^

the words above the drawing “u zus” means “your sister” 

next time i’m going to draw more, so be prepared ^_^


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