Yumeiro Pâtissière

hi minna-san  ^_^

today i’ve watched Yumeiro Pâtissière.

yumeiro patissiere

it was kinda funny in the beginning because Amano Ichigo fell from the stairs, but i sympathise with her a little bit, because her little sister Natsume can play piano so her mom put very much time to cheer for Natsume. and she said that she is in nothing good at  ; _ ;  but she likes cakes and me too  ^_^ when i saw all those cakes, i was like “OMG look at all those cakes! *_* ” and when she wanted to eat those cakes she forgot her wallet at home ; _ ; but her dad payed for her so she was so happy. it was amazing that she can feel by one bite from those cakes if you can do that, that must be amazing. and the one that her grandma made was so beautiful ^_^ then that patissier asked if she wanted to go to St.-Marie Academy, so for her it was like “what it’s like a dream oming true, because she forgot about being a patissiere. so if you like cakes, cooking ,magic and comedy, then this is something for you!

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