Hiyaa guys,
as you probably know, this blog isnt very active
but no worries, i began to blog again, but started anew with an different blogging platform.
so be sure to visit me there~ well if you want ^^ i’m not gonna make you go there~
also i’m still keeping this blog cause this is a precious memory for me ^^

so see you soon~

Chance to win a VIXX cd~~~

Hi viewers,

this is JoJo and with this message I would like to share you a link

by clicking this link people can help me to make a chance to win a cd of VIXX, whichย I’m currently really fond of xDD

so thanks for the clicking, IF YOU CLICKED ON IT! and if you didn’t, Y U NO CLICK ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Best Wishes and my aim this Year~

yo minna-san,2013-happy-new-year-hd-wallpapers-1


i know it’s been a long time and i have been really busy ( or it’s school or i’m too lazy xDD ) !! as you all can see, it’s 2013, a new year to start afresh!!!

i know i haven’t been posting a lot here on my blog, but i will try my best to be back like i used to be in 2011!!! i even downloaded the WordPress app so if im bored at school i can write something ^^

so for now i wish you a happy new year (that has passed already) and let’s make 2013 an even BETTER YEAR than 2012!!!




yo everyone

since i’m lazy (again) cause it’s now like 3AM. i’m just holding it short. this summer i’ve been drawing a lot and guess what they’re kpop idols since i got a little bit tired of drawing anime. Continue reading

the latest songs~

yo ^^

i’m here again. for this post i actually wanted to post a lot of songs BUT one problem was they weren’t “recent” more like 4 month old :c so that will be an other section xD Continue reading